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Business What is Digital Transformation & Why is it Important?

What is Digital Transformation & Why is it Important?


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“AI shouldn’t be the only thing that business and technology leaders are relying on,” Madan said. Some TEKsystems customers, however, remain unsure of how generative AI will affect their employees and internal ways of working, Madan noted. Rieva Lesonsky is CEO of GrowBiz Media and SmallBusinessCurrents.com and has been covering small businesses and entrepreneurship for over 30 years. Get more insights about business trends by signing up for her free Currents newsletter. But in a dynamic and unpredictable environment, which is the digital world, that’s a recipe for failure.

It’s a complex venture with multifaceted challenges, many of which agile can help you fix. A client-centric attitude toward managing digital transformation translates into business success. In several industries, many movers and shakers from the past have been dethroned in modern times by companies that became committed to innovative practices that revolved around customer orientation. This methodology breaks your entire digital transformation process into short, manageable phases right from the onset. As a result, the team can learn from the result of each stage, adjust where necessary and realign towards set goals before moving on to the next stage. In 2023, life science CIOs are prioritizing optimization over transformation by focusing on growth and scaling digital execution. Download the infographic now to learn how your peers are investing in tech to deliver on digital initiatives.

Similar to its impact on other business domains, technology is gradually reshaping the financial services industry in every aspect. However, the industry has a long way to go, and banks are still dipping their toes in the digital water, with 27% only launching a digital transformation strategy in 2021. A successful digital transformation roadmap helps a company’s transformation goals become a digital reality. A digital transformation roadmap is the pathway from your goals to your results.

Businesses are always looking to update their technology stack as it helps to improve the overall bottom line. But technologies are complicated and employees might find it difficult to grasp the intricacies of it. Digital transformation is about changing your culture as much as changing the way you work and do business. Monitor your transformation and modify your plan based on the data. No roadmap- You need a vision and a roadmap for how you’re going to get there. Many companies recognize the need for transformation but struggle when it comes to defining what and how they’ll do it. Poorly defined goals– Before you can achieve a goal, you need to define it.

Digital transformation vs digitalization: How business can leverage them?

Read more about embrace digital transformation here.

You can’t improve your product adoption if you don’t know what the problem is. The analytical tools in a digital adoption solution like Apty can help you identify where users are struggling so you can deploy extra help to overcome the challenges.


‘Inability to collect data’ as well as ‘Organizational silos’ rank in the top three. Stay up to date with coworking and hybrid work insights, product highlights, company news and upcoming webinars and eBooks. Their roadmap included the launch of connected care solutions, partnerships with hospitals for advanced medical equipment, and the establishment of digital health platforms.

Morgan is building the company’s virtual existence to mirror its real-world services. Many manufacturing companies undergoing a digital transformation are doing so for greater efficiency.

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AI tools can help build the data layer to support a system at the top of the stack, Flinchum said. Deploying a cloud data warehouse is a typical step in this process. Here, a Stellar-built tool lets its consultants interact with data through an LLM. Consultants “instruct” the data, and the tool organizes it into a particular schema, he said.

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